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Replace Standard Tilt Gear

How To install New Tilt Gear

Remove End Lock, Opposite of Tilt Gear, to Slide the tilt rod out of the Tilt Gear.

Remove The Broken Tilt Gear From The Headrail
Most tilt Gears Snap In Place
 Spread The  headrail To Release The Tilt Gear

Some have Metal Tabs or Rivets
Install The New Tilt Gear
Some Tilt Gears Have a Clutch, After the blind is in the closed position the operator continues to turn the wand,
(it turns, but not the louvers) The Cutch is to prevent the gear from breaking.
 The gear needs to be set at the opposite end of the blank spot, clutch (centering it) hold the tilt gear between your fingers (where tilt rod goes through tilt gear) turning it, while you turn the wand, to make it start turning on it's own.
With the slats in the open position, (This would allow light through if the blind where hanging) then slide pinion rod into tilt gear

Very Important To have The Drum in the correct position when sliding the tilt rod into the tilt gear
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