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How to match your TIlt Gear

The Shape of Your Tilt Rod The Size of your Headrail
Are The 2 Most Important Things To Match

Replacement Tilt Gear Directions
2 Inch
This is an example of 2 different looking tilt gears that have the same Headrail Size & Tilt Rod Shape.
2 Inch & Wood Blind Tilt Gear 02
This one can replace both above, & any others that match the Size of the Headrail & Shape of the Tilt Rod
2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch Headrail

six side gear

Six Sided --Square --D Shape--Rectangle

You may find a tilt gear that matchs your specifications & may not look like your original, but it is compatible. Most are considered upgrades. You can convert your wood or 2 inch blind to Wand or Cord Tilt Gears. The hole in the headrail is punched for both.
The Extruders or Fabricators of the parts, change over the years. New molds are made, to the same mechanical design as the originals, but with different color & improvements making them look different.
Names can be misleading, different distributors use different components to fabricate the same blinds. Then Change parts used over the years for the same named blind.
You can email us a picture of your tilt gear to help match the one you need. We have more not on the site yet.
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