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Replace Vertical Carrier

Replace Vertical Carrier (Profile)

These are the steps it takes to replace a carrier

Remove the star fastener from the idle end of track, you can get it off with out breaking it, but we send extras with new carriers & restring kits so don't try too hard.

Some track use screws.

We use a 5/16 nut driver to tap the star gear back on.

Separate the carriers from the track
Slide the carriers off the tilt rod & remove the cord.
Then use a tab connector from another carrier to seperate the broken carrier.

Then slide the metal strap of the new carrier into your carrier.

Put the carriers back onto the tilt rod, but all synchronized on the same pinion rod rung.

Very important to have your carriers synchronized before you reassemble the whole track.

Then restring the track

Restring Instructions Here

Then slide them back into the channel, put the star fastener back on.
Star Fastner
Star FastnerStar Fastner
You need to put the opposite end of the track against a solid surface as you tap the star gear back on