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Cell & Pleated Shades

How much cord do you need?

Measure in Inches

Length + Width + Lift Cord Length X Number Of Cords Divided by 12 = Feet
Divided by 3 = Yards

Example of a 3 Cord Shade

The Width of your Shade is 72 Inches
The Length of your Shade is 48 inches
The Length of your Lift Cord is 36 inches

Your lift cord is from the the cord lock, to the tassel
(This is the cord you raise & lower your blind)
What you see of the cord, when the shade is all the way down

You can make it longer if needed. Add together to get the length of 1 cord
72 + 48 + 36 =156 X 3 Cords = 468 inches
Divide by 12 = 39 feet
Divide by 3 = 13 yards

This Formula has extra cord to tie knots & make adjustments