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Cell & Pleated Shades

Cord Size Template

Cord Size Template Is Below.
The Type Of Treatment you have, will Determine Cord Size
More Accurately Then The Size Template

Pleated and Cellular Shades use .9mm
Cellular or Pleated Shade
Click Here For .9mm
Graber Crystal Pleats Use 1.2mm
Graber Crystal Pleat
Click Here For 1.2mm
EasyLift Systems can use
either .9 or 1.2mm

Click Here For 1.2mm
Continuous Cord Loops For Clutches.

Click Here For Cord Loops
Cord Loops In Colors
Blinds can use Either 1.4mm or 1.8mm

Mini Blind
Standard Blinds use 1.8mm & have the route holes in the center of the louver. They are visible. 2 inch & Wood Blinds Included
Click Here For 1.8mm
Mini Blind PrivacyMini Blind Privacy - Uses 1.4mm.   

Route holes are in the back of the louver/slat. 

Or can be woven right into the Ladders.  

Privacy Wood Blinds-1.4mm as well, cord goes through the Ladder loops, there is no hole in the louver/slat.

Click Here For 1.4mm
Verticals Use 2.2mm
Vertical Headrail
Blind & Shade Restring Cord
Draperies and Traverse Rods
Use 2.6mm

Click Here For Drapery Cord
Some Woven Woods Use 1.8mm and others use 3.0. It will depend on your cord lock.
Click Here For Woven Wood


Your original cord may be thicker or thinner from use.
You can find the orignal cord size & color hidden in the rails.
Most Cord breaks from a wear area in the Cord Locks & Guides
These sharp edges will break your new cord again, sooner.
 Replacement of these parts is recommended