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When Not to Repair

When Not to Repair


We are a Fashion Driven Industry, consumers redecorate, on average every 5 to 7 Years.

 This is why most repairs & service is provided for warranty work only. Our professionals sell & install new window coverings. There are too many parts to stock, to provide a complete repair & service for your local demand.


When over 50% of a blind is damaged, brittle, & breaking. The cost of repair will exceed a new blind.

It is less expensive to build a blind from scratch, than taking a blind apart first, then reassembling it.


Unless you provide the labor,

For most blinds, the cost of the repair by a contractor, is more than a new blind:

Unless you have 2 more next to it, that would have to be replaced also to match.

Custom Window Coverings  built in America, cost much more than "off the shelf" Premade Blinds from China


Replacing Wood Blind Slats:
not always possible to match exact original color. Wood varies & so does the dye lots of colors. There is no standard size & route holes, template slat is required. The production cost of fabricating individual wood slats, cost the fabricator the same as building a whole new Wood Blind

 The Cost will match or exceed the cost of a new wood blind. If there are 3 more next to it, then the cost will not exceed the cost of New Custom blinds.


Cell separation:
depending on the fabric used most can be glued together , do while shade is hanging as not to get other pleats stuck together. This will hold for a short time.

 It is time to Replace These Shades,